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June NodeSchool Helsinki

  • Helsinki Entrepreneurship Society 13 Ratapihantie Helsinki, 00520 Finland (map)

Welcome to NodeSchool Helsinki, the June 2018 edition!

While there is no attendee limit, it has happened to many times recently that only a handful of registered attendees really show up. Only RSVP when you know for sure.

This time the meet-up is co-organized in co-operation with Helsinki Entrepreneurship Society and Haaga-Helia StartUp School, and supported by Helsinki region chamber of commerce.

Helsinki Entrepreneurship Society is a non profit student-led community of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences & Helsinki Business College.

As normally, we will have the normal NodeSchool workshoppers, but mentors will try to help you with your whatever JavaScript topics you might have.

Please sign-up when you know you will attend - we have a limited amount of seats.

About NodeSchool

NodeSchool is a friendly way to learn JavaScript and Node.js programming together with other people. If you have a laptop and already know some other programming language, this is a nice way to learn JavaScript and get to know the community. NodeSchool Helsinki chapter gathers together monthly.

We use Slack (HelNode team, for communication outside the events, feel free to join at:

How does it work?

The ( website has lists the available Workshoppers - interactive tutorials that you can run in your own pace. The mentors are available for help and chit-chat whenever you need. You can join the event for learning, or just meeting the fellow JavaScripters. We usually work in pairs or small groups of people on a similar skill level - together it is more fun, and you learn better.

No previous Node.js experience required - if you already know the basics of JavaScript or any other programming language, you are good to go!

Our friendly hosts will provide some snacks & beverages.

Call for Students

Please sign-up to the event from our meetup page, install Node.js and some of the workshoppers before event. Just in case anything goes wrong, we can help you in the event, or through our Slack.

It's also fine to just show up and select your Workshopper on location. If you have any questions, the Helsinki Node.js community and the organisers can be reached on our HelNode slack #nodeschool channel.

Call for Mentors

NodeSchool is a largely self-paced way of learning, but without tutors bridging unavoidable gaps a lot of the benefits of the common space is lost. The more tutors we can reach, the more fun it will be

If you're interested, please join the #nodeschool channel on the HelNode slack and let us know.